The New Yahoo! Search Has Finally Arrived!

Yahoo! launched a new version of its search engine today. Until now, I was a Google user simply because Google’s results were a little bit more relevant, and also because it seemed a bit faster. However, the new Yahoo! Search has won me over. Here’s why:

First of all, the Yahoo! search page has been simplified to the extreme, which makes it load extremely fast. Second, the search page now has an auto-complete feature, similar to Google suggest. I had been waiting for this feature for a long time! Finally, Yahoo! has made huge improvements to the search results page, embedding rich media within search results, and adding an assistant to help you refine your search, and even explore related areas that you may not even have been aware existed! This is simply brilliant! Not only searching with Yahoo! quickly and efficiently leads you to what you were looking for, but it has also become a fun learning experience! Give it a try, and like me, you’ll quickly adopt it!

Below is a screenshot of a search for Nelly Furtado: