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O’Reilly Book “High Performance JavaScript” Now Available For Preorder

Last year, I was honored to be asked by Yahoo! engineer Nicholas Zakas whether I would be interested in contributing a chapter to an upcoming book about JavaScript performance. Well, after many months of hard labor by an impressive line up of talented engineers, this book, appropriately titled “High Performance JavaScript”, is now available for preorder on amazon (the book will be available on March 15th according to amazon). Here is the list of chapters:

  • Loading and Execution
  • Data Access
  • DOM Scripting (Stoyan Stefanov)
  • Algorithms and Flow Control
  • Strings and Regular Expressions (Steven Levithan)
  • Responsive Interfaces
  • Ajax (Ross Harmes)
  • Programming Practices
  • Build and Deployment (Julien Lecomte)
  • Tools (Matt Sweeney)