3 thoughts on “An unconventional loading strategy for YUI 3

  1. Peter Cranstone


    Great post. We’ve been testing Yahoo’s mobile home page on Androids browser (we’ve enabled real time HTTP measurement from inside the browser). Anything you can do to make the page load faster would be welcome. Here’s a “real time” HAR report (includes device data, carrier network, and geo-location) on Yahoo Mobile.

    Ad’s, redirect and one particular image are causing the problems (plus the number of GET requests). And in case you’re wondering Android does support up to 4 connections but the webkit piece of the browser (presentation layer) is single threaded only.



  2. Cédric


    great works !

    As a matter of facts, I chose a very similar loading strategy in my jQuery loader jQl, with a fake jQuery object that catch all inlines jQuery(function(){}) calls during loading.

    Here you can read more about it : jQl-an-asynchronous-jQuery-Loader

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