From Dream To Reality

I have always been a pragmatic person. While designing my telescope using computer assisted design software was a very rewarding experience, I have felt a much greater sense of accomplishment making it happen. This is why I am very proud to show off the mirror box of my future telescope. This is the result of 4 nights of work at the sawdust shop in Sunnyvale. I am very happy with the way it turned out, and look forward to getting more work done in the next few weeks! Note: click on the thumbnails below to see the full size photographs.

2 thoughts on “From Dream To Reality

  1. George Feliz

    Looking good, Julien. Now a few days of sanding and 6-8 coats of Polyrurethane, and it will really look great!

    Just kidding, I know it will be painted black, but I prefer the natural look.

    Clear Skies,

  2. Antoine LECOMTE

    Not bad for a nerd….
    If you need some mechanical help, just ask me!


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