Simplix Running on Real Hardware

This morning, as I was just finishing up the code responsible for detecting IDE devices (hard disks, CD-ROM drives, etc.) in Simplix, I felt like trying my operating system on real hardware. I have a 4 year old PC with a floppy drive at home, so I decided to give it a shot. The result is pure geek pleasure. Cheers!

Screen shot of Simplix running on real hardware

4 thoughts on “Simplix Running on Real Hardware

  1. Robert

    Just wanted to say congrats on seeing your code working, it’s always a wonderful thing when you try something you’ve been coding out for the first time and it works :)
    It sounds like your having a blast working on your project :)

  2. Julien Lecomte Post author

    Thanks Robert. Not only this has been (and continues to be) a fun project, but I’ve also acquired a good amount of knowledge in low level system development. Who knows, one day, I may apply these skills to a more practical project… Until then, stay tuned for more articles.

  3. MagicalTux

    Heh, this is somewhat fun as we started running on real hardware too, recently (well, we are still missing USB and some stuff, so the kernel can’t load additionnal modules yet as I boot from USB).

    Anyway if you want to have a look :

    (by the way I decided to open the network adapter’s driver under BSD license, so you can have a look at it)

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