The Rich Web Experience

I am currently attending the Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose. Lots of great topics are being covered by immensely talented speakers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. Here are a few pictures I took with my iPhone (hover over the images to get a short description)

A panel of experts talking about the current state of affairs in rich Internet application development

Dean Saxe talking about secure application development with Ajax

Yahoos having lunch

Kevin Hoyt from Adobe having some problems with his Mac

Mark Meeker talking about accessibility

The master at work: Douglas Crockford talking about JavaScript

Update: Douglas Crockford’s keynote was absolutely brilliant as usual (I’m not just saying that because I happen to be sitting only a few feet away from him at Yahoo!) and I hope it will have made a lot of people think about some of the problems our industry is facing.

Update: I was very disappointed with Jesse James Garrett’s keynote on Friday. The beginning of his talk was irritating to say the least as it was focused mainly on his personality (Extract: “You may be wondering why I’m so famous”…) He then talked about the history of Ajax. According to him, Ajax started when he discovered it (2004?), but he completely forgot to mention that a lot of people were already doing Ajax back in the 90′s (OddPost, back in, was already doing what would still be considered cutting edge Ajax by today’s standards) Finally, the rest of his talk was directed towards user experience designers, not engineers. I know UED had a strong presence at the conference, so I won’t blame him for that. I just found it extremely boring. Sorry Jesse!

2 thoughts on “The Rich Web Experience

  1. Boris

    Sounds like a great conference! I’m sorry I missed it. Any chance you could throw down a brief summary of highlights from the event?

  2. Ryan Doherty

    I was there too! I agree with your opinion of Jesse’s keynote, it was the same one he gave at @Media a few months ago. Pretty disappointing.

    The rest of the conference was great, Yahoo! practically stole the show :)

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